I have, through many wonderful women and a little research, stumbled upon some amazing resources that have supplemented our children's learning.  I hope you find the below list helpful.  Each item is kid tested and parent approved (parent loved is more like it)!  Enjoy! DVD's

 - The School House Rock DVD's have been invaluable for science, math, grammar, American Government, and even touches on economics!  I watched this as a child and the children and I often sing the songs around the house.  My favorites are the Preamble to the Constitution of the USA, and I'm Only a Bill on Capital Hill!


Science -

The Way Things Work DVD's by Schlessinger Media are a fun, short, and very informative set of animated movies that touch on physics in a clear and understandable manner.  It edifies my 11 year old all the way down to my 3 year old.  We get these from our local library.  I'd LOVE to add these to the library, but the set is cost-prohibitive. Also by Schlessingher Media is an entire series of GREAT biographies of great historical figure including but not limited to great American leaders as well as scientists and inventors. They are less than 30 minutes and very engaging and informative.

The Rock n' Learn science DVD's are fantastic!  All of my children love them and ask to watch them over and over.  They are very thorough, entertaining, and even have some fun rock and roll that my husband and I can enjoy, i.e. in the earth science, the artist is Robert Plant, singing about Xylem and Phloem.  

 - Earth Science  

 - Human Body  

 - Life Science  

 - Physical Science

  - Peep and the Big Wide World DVD's are for younger children.  They touch on science for Pre-K and K age, and are really fun.  I love the cast of characters, particularly Duck.

History -

 - Liberty's Kids are entertaining and very engaging.  They cover American History very well.. 


Learn Your History - My children and I love these!  They are informative and enjoyable. 


  Drive Through History DVD's are GREAT!  The viewer is taken to amazing and interesting locations in our nation and world's history.  The host is witty, informative and engaging.  These are better for ages 8+.


Catholic Faith -

My Catholic Family DVD's are wonderful, as well as the CCC Saint DVD's (Bernadette, St. Patrick, St. Francis, and more).  We own most of these and the children and I enjoy them.  I buy them under the pretense that "its for the children", andI love them as much, if not more than they do.  :)


Audio Books - We have CD players or iPods for each of the children in their rooms for them to enjoy audio books.  They listen to them during quiet time in the afternoon as well as before they go to bed.



 - Jonathan Park - Each of these audio dramatizations has been enjoyed several times.  The are based on creation science and very informative and beautifully Christian.  We typically get them from the library, but would absolutely be worth adding to your libary. 



 - The Story of the World - History for the  Classical Child - We own all of these but one...  my children have asked for the remaining one, at least 5 times and it is in our Amazon cart.  These are read by Jim Weiss; my children love to listen to his reading.


- GA Henty - Any of the books, audio or standard, from G.A. Henty are worth the investment or trip to your local Library.


Catholic Faith -

Holy  Heroes CD's - My whole family enjoys the Holy Heroes CD's and downloads from Holy Heroes.com.  We own them all and will buy any new ones as they become available.  We also enjoy the Altar Gang CD's, they are funny and educational! 

Cat Chat (Catholic Chat) is also a GREAT set of audio dramatizations that are doctrinally sound, fun, and engaging.  We own them all and the children know all of the songs from each of them.  These are geared for children ages 3 - 11.  Some of the topics are "Mary Leads me Closer to Jesus, The Mass Comes Alive, Amazing Angels and Super Saints, and more!

iPad Apps Stack the States, Stack the Countries, Piikea Interactive Alphabet, Bugs and Buttons, 123 Count Bees, Freefall Spell, Frefall Money, Math Bingo, Word Bingo, Letter of the Day by Lakeshore Learning.