Meal Planning

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I have gone through many iterations of a meal plan…  I have been blessed unendingly to have a VERY organized older sister Annie (friend/mentor/inspiration)…  she shared with me a template that I now use to plan out meals and snacks.  I try to plan out my meals for three weeks, with a recurring theme across the board.  Here is my plan, please feel free to use if you’d like.

Meal Plan

Great Tips to Save and Plan:

- For efficiency, post a pre-defined grocery list on your fridge and mark things as you run out

- Base Shopping list on your meal plan

- Check with Pocketyourdollars (time permitting) for good deals and stock up

- Shop at Aldi - My sister turned me on to Aldi

- Schedule a bulk-cooking day monthly into your rule

- When you make a casserole (lasagna, goulash, pot pie), make 2 or 3 times the amount and freeze extra for later use or gifting (sick neighbor or friend with new baby)

- Likewise baking, sweet breads freeze very well. (I make anywhere from 4 to 12 batches of banana bread at a time and simply freeze the extras in aluminum foil.)