I Promise to be True to You...

A Wednesday Fast and Prayer for our Husbands...


A dear friend of mine invited me to join her in a Wednesday fast and prayer for our husbands. She then mentioned how powerful it could be if we invited other women into a prayer group for our husbands.  

The vocation of husband is a vital vocation with such responsibility; so much rests on our husband's shoulders and God has entrusted our souls under his loving care, to lead us back to Him in an eternal family.

Our husbands are called to set and sustain a life of virtue in our homes. Our children will do what our husbands do.

Our culture is constantly trying to degrate, undermine, and devalue their role. There is temptation around every corner. 

We can lift them up, through grace and love... for love of God, our husbands, and our families.

Let's lift our husbands up in prayer and fasting, every Wednesday.

If our husbands grow in holiness, our entire family will grow in holiness. If our family grows in holiness, think of the impact on our neighborhood, our city, state, nation, and world!

As Blessed Mother Teresa said, so perfectly:


Never worry about numbers.

Help one person at a time,

And always start with the person nearest you."


Remember that fasting is personal, and looks different for each of us, perhaps it is a fast from coffee, sweets, 1 or 2 meals, etc.


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I Promise to be True to You...
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Prayer to St. Joseph for our Husbands

Dear St. Joseph, please pray for my husband.  As husband, father, provider, and patriarch of my family, lift him up, guide him, inspire him.  Draw him closer to our Heavenly Father, so that he, in turn may draw us closer to our Heavenly Father. Amen - kms

Mother Mary, pray for our husands!

Jesus, Mary, I love you!  Save Souls!