After each of our children have received their First Holy Communion, they may begin their preparation for adulthood. Below is a list of opportunities they have, enabling them to grow into the person God has created them to become.   They simply need to let Mom and Dad know when they’d like to begin one or more of these opportunities and we will happily discuss the requirements, understanding that some of these may take several years to finish. 

Adult Skills

(This list will continue to grow as we grow in our home school).

1. Baking
2. Meal Preparation / Planning
3. Grocery Shopping
4. Household Cleaning
5. Gardening
6. Yard Maintenance
7. Landscaping
8. Shopping
9. Auto Maintenance
10. Cooler Maintenance
11. Furnace Maintenance
12. Sewing
13. Safety (fire, people, chemicals, electricity, natural gas)
14. Wood Working
15. First Aid
16. Tutoring Children
17. Mentoring
18. Youth Ministry – Catechesis
19. Prep for Seminary / Sisterhood (Vocations preparation)
20. Physical Education
21. Pet Readiness Class
22. Computer literacy
23. Computer (Web) Development
24. Blogging
25. Gaming Development
26. Construction
27. Electrical (circuit box, outlet installation, etc.)
28. Tool Safety (identification and use)
29. Floor installation (carpet, wood, laminate)
30. Plumbing
31. Foreign Language (Latin, French, Spanish, Hebrew, etc.)
32. Small engine repair
33. Robotics
34. Journalism / Family Newsletter
35. Poetry
36. Authoring (story writing)
37. Business entrepreneurial ship
38. Starting a business
39. Business Management
40. Project Management
41. Running and creating a Fund Raiser
42. Political Activism
43. Cosmetology
44. Fashion Design
45. Money  / Investing

Programs / Experiences we’d like them to have

 (This list will continue to grow as we grow in our home school).

1. Group leadership
2. Public speaking
3. Musical performance
4. Compose and create music
5. Foreign language
6. Creative art
7. Lead and participate in colloquia
8. Use parliamentary procedure
9. Create and run successful business
10. Budgeting (checking/savings/cash on hand)