Home School

Our home school has been entrusted to Our Lady of Grace - We began homeschooling in 2006.  Our oldest, Andrew, had just finished his first year of preschool at a local Catholic preschool.  I learned, at the parent meeting at the end of his first year, there had been some behavior concerns that had been consistent throughout the year and I was just learning about at this meeting.  Nathan and I talked about it and agreed that, in order to fulfill our responsibility as parents, we need to be able to correct behavior, when the behavior occurs.    After prayerful consideration, God lead us to home schooling and He has blessed our efforts ever since.

I often find myself praising God for the blessings and graces that He has given us through our home school.  Each child, we are finding, learns so differently.  What we employed with one, does not always work with the other…  Once I get that “blank stare”, that typically leads my children to discouragement, we find an apporach better suited to that child. We then watch the blank stares transform before our eyes, into a re-kindled love for learning.  It is amazing and I am abundantly grateful.

We are using an eclectic mix of Thomas Jefferson Education and Mother of Divine Grace in our home school.  We are constantly tweeking and changing based on our children’s needs and God’s divine inspiration.