Book Reviews:

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1.  Children's Books

Catholic Children's Treasure Box Books (1 - 20)

These books were recommended through a home school book list. From the moment they arrived, they have brought such joy into our story time! My children ask to take them to bed, to quiet time, and to Church. When I ask them what they would like me to read to them, very often, they choose these books. Each book has solid Catholic teaching, written in such a way that the children are able to learn and enjoy the process of learning. There are also fun games, stories, activities and funny poems that help guide little ones. These books are a must in the arsenal of books for raising-up saints!
Catholic Children's Treasure Box Sets cover wonderful and enriching subjects that all Catholic children should learn about, such as Mary, the angels, the fallen angels, saints, right away obedience, guardian angels, creation of the world, baptism, temptation, forgiveness, love, grace, kindness, the Holy Family, love of God, sacrifice, and much more.
The Catholic Children's Treasure Box sets have not only enriched the lives of my children through their fun and light-hearted wisdom, but I have learned a great deal as well. We have all enjoyed the process of learning to love and serve God more through these delightful, fun and engaging books.
These books are a great introduction to the Sacraments and create opportunity for many wonderful and engaging conversations for parent and child. I have been known to sit on the floor with my children and go through the stories one by one, answering questions and explaining how much God loves us and all the wonderful ways he shows us His love.
The Catholic Children's Treasure Box Sets would make a wonderful addition to a Children's Chapel (Crying room) at Church, or a wonderful gift for Grand children, God children, nieces and nephews. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

The Catholic Mosaic - Living the Liturgical Year with Literature

An Illustrated Book Study for Catholic Children


The Catholic Mosaic, Living the Liturgical Year with Literature - An Illustrated Book Study for Catholic Children, is just that.  It is geared for children K - 4th grade.  The Catholic Mosaic has been such a blessing to our home.  This was recommended to me by a Mom in my home school group.  

Each book recommended the Catholic Mosaic is solid Catholic teaching, written in a way that parent and child alike will benefit.  Each book has a set vocabulary words, copywork, Parent's Help Page, observation, discussion questions and answers and an enrichment activity.  The material promotes thought provoking discussions and enforces God-centered, treasured time for families.
We have found the books and activities so enriching!  I have bought most of the books contained in the Catholic Mosaic and have been able to get some from my local library.  The stories are all wonderful read-alouds that keep my children's interest and enforce a love of learning in our home.  I have a 10,6,5,3,2 and 1 year old and they all enjoy listening to these books.  We all treasure this time together and my children look forward to the stories, even if they have been read before.  
We read and do the activities in the afternoon after quiet time.   I usually provide a snack and a coloring page for them to work on while I read the story.  As the author recommends, I use this time to help my children fall in love with the Kingdom of God.   The Catholic Mosaic enables me and my children to find wonder and joy in the illustrated books.  
We usually spend 30 minutes per book, questions and answers as well as the recommended activity.  The author suggests that we enshrine our copywork, art projects or essays from the Catholic Mosaic into a liturgical Year Notebook.

Leading the Little Ones to Mary:

I received Leading the Little Ones to Mary, as a gift.  It has proven itself to be the gift that keeps on giving.  The chapters, with their separate talks, in the book are written so as to be perfect size for daily family devotional time.  
We read Leading the Little Ones to Mary in the afternoon, over a light snack.  Each story is enriching and written in such a way as to keep the children’s attention and interest. My children love this book.  
Leading the Little Ones to Mary covers subjects such as Mary at home, church, school, at play, the Rosary, Christmas, the Miraculous Medal, and much more. Each story also builds upon the one before it each teaching of virtue, faith and encourages a heart of virtue, charity and service in our little ones.
Each chapter is written in an uplifting, interesting way that engages and edifies both parent and child alike.
After each daily devotional, the children are lead through a prayer, Consecration to Mary.  We prayed this each day we read the book and continue to pray this consecration daily.  How wonderful that my children consecrated themselves to Jesus through Mary at such a young age.  The prayers high points:

  • Dear Holy Mary, I know that you are looking for Little Marys (or Mario)
  • I do want to be a little Mary (or Mario)
  • I promise that I will act like you, pray like you, play like you, obey like you, help like you and, share like you.
  • Please help me to keep my promise.
Again, I feel so blessed to have been given this book and recommend any Catholic mother, with young children read this to their children!  I recommend this book for all Catholic children before they receive their First Holy Communion...  They can certainly enjoy it after as well, but most certainly, before then.

2.  Spiritual - Fruit Bearing:

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence:


Your Rating: 5 stars
Headline: Spiritually enlightening & enriching
Pros : Deserves Multiple Readings, Informative, Page-Turner, Easy To Read, Well Written
Best Uses : Gift, Spiritual growth

This book was recommended by a spiriitual director.  I love this book.  I bought copies for everybody in my family and gave copies to all of my friends.  I will read this every year and continue to buy copies to give away.  Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence was truly enlightening.  This book does such a beautiful job of explaining how God is the true author of all that happens in our lives.  Nothing happens to us without God's knowledge and approval.  He cannot will evil, but bad things can and will happen to us.  Every thing that happens to us, is intended to help us grow closer to Him, to sanctify and perfect us.  
Reading Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence taught me to thank God for everything that happens to me in my life, knowing that whatever has happened to me (or will in the future), He willed it for my sanctification and journey toward Him.  
In time of trial and suffering, this book teaches us to see God in our trials.  It teaches us to look for what God is trying to teach us in our crosses.  He shows us the things in our lives that keep us from growing closer to Him, through these trials.  In lieu of running from our crosses, we learn to embrace them and, ultimately thank God for them; for it is through enduring our crosses that we can truly become more Christlike and therefore open us up to the grace necessary to be worthy to stand in His presence at the end of our pilgrimage to Him.  
In time of joy and prosperity, we are also called to see God in these tims of consolation, remembering to thank Him always, for everything.  He is the Divine Author of all.
This book is to be read slowly and each chapter to be meditated upon, prayerfully.  

The Family That Overtook Christ

Your Rating: 5 stars
Headline: Spiritually enlightening & enriching
Pros : Deserves Multiple Readings, Informative, Page-Turner, Easy To Read, Well Written
Best Uses : Gift, Spiritual growth

This book was filled with such beautiful wisdom and inspiring faith.  I did not want to put it down.  I found such inspiration in the lives in St. Bernard's family.  Each page of the book was laden in solid Catholic doctrine.  I felt as though I was reading a "how to" book on growing in holiness.  The story is engaging and I found myself looking for any opportunity to read it.   I recommended this book to all of my friends and family.  This is also a good read for teens and young adults. 
Each member of St. Bernard's family has a wonderful story to enlighten and edify us in our journey toward holiness.  I found such inspiration in St. Bernard's mother.  Her role in the lives of her children and husband is a true inspiration to all wives and mothers.  Her love of God was demonstrated in every facet of her life.  She loved her husband.  She inspired and loved her children and raised them up to love and serve God.  She truly is a saint.  St. Bernard's Father was bold, strong, holy, but also very gentle and loving.  His faith was unwavering and he had great respect from his colleagues and family.  He is a wonderful inspriation for all fathers.
Each of St. Bernard's siblings has such unique but identifiable stories.  They all had struggles with the world, but God continued to inspire them and guide them through the faith and wisdom of St. Bernard.  Their journey toward holiness is a true inspiration to each of us and is certain to impact every reader of this beautiful work.  I will read and re-read this book.

Mother's Rule of Life (St. Joseph Communications)

Your Rating: 5 stars

Headline: Wisdom for Vocation of Wife and Mother
Pros : Doctrinally Sound, Inspiring, Insightful
Best Uses : Raising Saints, Strengthen Marriage, Spiritual Growth

I listened this CD set in my car.  I had read the book "Mother's Rule of Life" by Holly Pierlot and have implemented my own rule already. This gave my rule more depth, it gave great advice on strengthening my marriage, on budget, on doing God's will, on raising virtuous children (saints), and much more.  It was like a little personal retreat.

Holiness for Housewives (Sophia Institute Press)

Your Rating: 5 stars
Headline: Enriched my vocation as wife and mother
Pros : Well Written, Relevant, Deserves Multiple Readings, Informative, Easy To Understand
Best Uses : Reference, Gift, MOMS

This book brought such wisdom into my vocation of wife and mother.  Being a wife and mother brings so many gifts and blessings, but also work and sometimes discouragement.  This book provides practical insights on living out our vocation, finding the joy amid chaos, loving as God calls us to and growing in holiness.

The Screwtape Letters

Well Written, Deserves Multiple Readings, Page Turner, Engaging Characters

Best Uses: Younger Readers, Older Readers, GiftDescribe Yourself: Everyday Reader

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend
I read this book while on vacation and found myself reading most of it out loud, sharing it's wit and wisdom with my Mom. C.S. Lewis does a magnificent job of providing insight into the mind of the diabolical. After reading this, I could actually sense temptation and could arm myself from it. It is arsenal in spiritual combat. The characters are engaging, the book is hard to put down and I will read it again.

3.  Classics